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Instant high-pressure water. Save on your water bills. Save the environment.

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High pressure makes the water dense, which makes the skin feel soft. At the same time, save up to 30% of water.

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Works like magic!

Our showerhead instantly increases the water pressure outflow in your shower! Just takes 30 seconds to upgrade your shower experience!

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Increase Water Pressure

Scientifically proven to increase water pressure by up to 200%

Save Money

Our advanced micro nozzle technology reduces water outflow by 30%. Save the environment and save on your water bills!

Adjustable Settings

Choose from three different settings based on your different preferences or mood.

Wide Compatibility

Easy to install with a universal, standard sized interface for most shower arms. No handyman needed - simply twist your old showerhead and twist in ours.

Three Spray Setting

You can choose between three functions at the push of a single button. if you want a gentle and relaxing shower after a long day, choose the ‘rainfall’ function, or select the ‘massage’ or ‘Jet’ modes for a more invigorating wash to get you going in the morning.

Easy Installation

Step 1

Remove your existing shower head by easily twisting it out.

Step 2

Now, take your new shower head and twist it in the opening. 

Step 3

Hang the shower head back on the holder or start having a shower right away!

More Benefits

Relax body and mood

Soften and Purify Shower Water

Hair is softer and less dry

Improve skin conditions


High Pressure Design & Water Saving

Our shower head has special micro nozzle structure with smaller and denser outlet, increasing the speed of the water flow, thereby increasing the water pressure. So it can save water up to 30%.

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